22 Apr

If You Have HIV/AIDS, Listen To Your London Dentist

Dentists in London spend a great deal of time educating our London community. The basic purpose of their efforts is to equip the individuals with the latest knowledge and facts.
The first and the foremost thing that HIV/AIDS patients need to be aware of is dry mouth, which can occur because of the medications they are taking. It is the decrease production of saliva that can cause tooth decay and gingivitis. So if you are going through such, you need to contact your dentist on an immediate basis.
Another important thing recommended by the dentists is to have regular dental checkups. This will not only prevent a lot of damage to your teeth but will also help you find better solution to your problem.
Maintaining proper oral hygiene is also a very important aspect and for that you need to brush your teeth twice daily, as well as regular flossing. Since the immune system gets weaker in HIV/AIDS, it is important to have regular visits.
Your London Dentists will also help you know about the tissues in your mouth, so that if there are any changes that you see, you must report to them immediately. It is this impeccable care that the dentists have been providing to all the residents of London.