09 Nov

London Dental Clinic Offers Dentistry for Children

Bring your child to the London Dental Clinic to have a dental check-up, and for prevention and treatment. They have a very understanding and compassionate staff. Oral hygiene performed properly is essential to development and growth of your child. Dental caries is the most common childhood disease. Infants and children both require good oral health.Here is a series of issues that you need to understand to have a healthy infant or child. A strong relationship exists between your child eating sweets and dental caries. Keep your child away from sugars, especially sticky sugars. You may think, well my child is going to lose their baby teeth anyways. Keep these teeth in good shape for as long as possible, as they help with jaw bone development and growth so that the adult teeth have sufficient room to erupt into the mouth. Some individuals have teeth when they are born that need to be removed, and a primary tooth is visible in the mouth by 6 months. From 6-25 months, your infant will start teething and your London dentist can give you advise about your baby biting on different objects, drooling, ear pulling, massaging the infants gums, and use of a teething ring that is cold. There are also teething ointments that your dentist can suggest. By age 3, most of the baby teeth are in the mouth; possibly all of the baby teeth are present. From 6-12 years of age, your child will have a mixture of primary and adult teeth.
Your children need to brush, and watch them to make sure they do it correctly and don’t swallow toothpaste. Replace your child’s toothbrush every 2-3 months. Use a very small amount of toothpaste. Buy new toothbrushes every few months and throw away the old ones. If your baby takes any type of medication, make sure that you wipe their teeth after giving them the medication, as acids in the medication can dissolve the teeth.
Your infant/child should visit your London dentist at 1 year old. This way you set the groundwork for a long-term relationship with both the dentist and the dental hygienist. Remember it is much better for you and your child to keep their gums and teeth healthy. Prevention is the key, and is a lot less expensive than dental treatment. Your London dentist may recommend sealants for your child’s adult teeth once they erupt, to help to prevent cavities. Also, fluoride treatments should be performed during your child’s regular checkups. Your child will also be taught how to floss their teeth, and mouth washing may also be recommended. You should also get an orthodontic consultation for your child at around the age of seven. So, bring your infant or child to your London Dental Clinic to maintain their oral health.