14 Mar

London Dentist and Why Teeth Darken

A lot of people have begun becoming conscious about the color of their teeth. As testament to this, there are presently millions of teeth whitening products being sold in the market.
If you are among these individuals who have been wondering why teeth darken, your London dentist will be able to help you.
So, why do teeth darken?
There are actually several reasons why your teeth are not as shiny white as you might want them to be. Among these are:
• Smoking – staining due to the nicotine content of cigarettes
• Coffee, tea, red wine – discoloration due to the dyes as well as caffeine
• Old age – thinning of the enamel which exposes the dentine
• Medication such as certain antibiotics – results to blue-gray discoloration
• Genetic Influence – family members have discolored teeth; some races have distinct teeth color compared to other races
If the reason for the darkening of your teeth can be attributed to smoking and drinking coffee or tea, then you should immediately stop doing so. On the other hand if the reason is due to the other factors, then you should probably ask your dentist about possible options available to lighten your teeth.
Today, you can easily solve your problems involving discolored teeth with the aid of teeth whitening products. These products can be applied by your dentist according to a teeth whitening program or you could choose one which you can apply in the comfort of your own home.
As always, it is still best that you consult your London dentist for the best whitening product that will fit your needs and budget.