16 Jan

London Dentist Gives Advice about Flossing

Numerous individuals were never shown how to floss their teeth during childhood. Flossing is crucial for the maintenance of healthy gums; it’s not too late to begin flossing. Any newly formed habit will become easy after a few weeks. While at your London dentist or dental hygienist have them give you a personal lesson. However take these suggestions. Floss daily, your London dentist and dental hygienist suggest flossing once daily, however the jury is still out as to how many times a day is best. Also, floss after meals if you have a tendency to collect food between your teeth. Don’t rush when flossing, good flossing practices take time and coordination. Select a regular time to floss, select the best time for you to floss and try to set up a routine so that you do not forget to floss, and have floss with you. Dentists and dental hygienists feel that one of the better times to floss during the day is prior to bedtime. Don’t be cheap with the floss, pull off about 18 inches of floss, and move along the length of the floss while cleaning each side of all of your teeth, even the back side of the last teeth. Try not to reuse sections of floss, as it is believed that you may redistribute the bacteria to other areas of your mouth; though no research exists that demonstrates this belief. Select floss that performs what you want it to do, numerous flosses exists. Find the floss that best suits you and your oral hygiene needs. The type of floss that you like and how you hold the floss is a matter of personal preference.