11 Nov

London Dentist Offers Help with Tooth Sensitivity

Your London Dental Clinic can help you with tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is caused by abrupt changes in intraoral temperatures, acidic foods and beverages, and sweets, touching your tooth in an area where there is communication between the outside of your tooth and pulp. Tooth sensitivity causes and treatment will be addressed went your visit your London dentist.
Here is an overview: Tooth sensitivity occurs when tooth’s dentinal structure is exposed because of receding gums, or if parts of this dentinal layer is exposed on the crown portion of the tooth and/or root of the tooth. If this occurs, exposed dentinal tubules are present and exchange stimuli with the pulpal tissues, especially the nerves, triggering pain. Some causal events leading to sensitivity of the teeth are: the use of bristle brushes that are hard and/or brushing too hard and too much, this may wear down tooth enamel over time; gingival recession and damage to the teeth themselves; carious teeth; excessive use of teeth whiteners, gritty toothpastes, plaque build-up, use of acid mouthwashes, foods and beverages. Normal dental procedures can also leave your teeth sensitive, but this will resolve itself shortly.
Ways to reduce tooth sensitivity include: good oral hygiene practices; using a softer brush; fluoride products; and, being mindful of foods and beverages that you consume Make sure to visit your London dentist regularly. Your London dentist can use several procedures including to reduce or eliminate your teeth sensitivity.