24 Jan

London dentist offers teeth jewellery

The new fashion craze this year could be jewellery for the teeth. You can now have a brilliant piece of jewellery set into your tooth enamel with minimal drilling. Teeth jewellery is catching on and some brides-to-be are showing interest in this cosmetic procedure.
Other dental procedures that are catching on are teeth whitening, polishing and breath management. State-of-the-art teeth spas are opening in London, and some  brides-to-be are having this procedure performed. They usually visit the London dentist prior to their wedding date to have their teeth whitened and polished. Now, they are also including breath management. Other dentists say that jewellery for the teeth is strictly a cosmetic dental procedure with no dental benefits. No known side effects currently exist, but allergy to teeth should be considered. While other dentists say there is no harm in having jewellery dental procedures performed.
Oral health care is vey important, and more effort should be spent in addressing oral health care from childhood. Opponents do not feel that children should be taken to such dental spas offering these types of cosmetics, and cosmetic in children should be limited to aligning crooked teeth.