09 Nov

London Dentist Talks About Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is very crucial to oral health maintenance. At your London Dental Clinic, the dental hygienist will teach you how to properly care for your teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene practices should begin at a very early age, and a dental hygienist will demonstrate proper teeth and gum brushing, and also flossing. Then they will watch you brush and floss, and aid you in making any changes in your brushing and flossing routines. Plaque is the sticky material on your teeth that needs to be removed every day, at least twice a day. You should have a set of goals for yourself that include keeping your mouth clean, odourless, and healthy. Proper oral hygiene will help to prevent cavities, gum problems, and periodontal disease. The dental hygienist will also review your diet and obtain a dental caries index, and make some suggestions about your diet and habits that you may need to look at. So, visit your London Dental Clinic to learn how to perform proper oral health.
Here are some pointers. Use a soft or medium bristled toothbrush. Hold your brush so that it is comfortable in your hand. Place a small amount of toothpaste on the brush, wet it, and place it against your teeth and gum at a 45 degree angle, and move it back and forth in a vibrating motion. Make sure that you brush all of your teeth on both the outsides and insides. The brush should be held in a vertical position to brush your front teeth on the insides. Then scrub the biting surfaces of your teeth, and floss your teeth (even behind your last teeth, as plaque also forms there). Brush for at least 2 minutes at a time and at least twice daily.