30 Aug

London Dentistry Advances in Technology

Drilling is one of the biggest fears of any person. This causes the people to change or procrastinate their decision seeing a dentist. Well it is just a matter of years when new avenues will open and nobody will put off visiting their dentist.
The name of this new technology is Raman Spectroscopy. The basic purpose of this machine is to detect the process of tooth decay as early as possible, which can eliminate the process of both drilling and filling.
This technology identifies the changes in tooth by evenly scattering out the light, which allows the dentist to analyze the different parts of the tooth that are more likely to go through the decay.
This process is done by a very simple method, which involves placement of a fiber optic on the tooth and the rest just displays out on the machine that shows different areas of tooth that allows the dentist to determine the dental health.
This technology allows one to study the different chemical changes that go through the teeth, as well as to differentiate the healthy teeth from diseased ones on the basis of the different light patterns.
The dentists are suggesting that this is going to be a huge breakthrough in the world of dentistry. This technique is not only going to increase the number of show ups at the dentists but a lot of people would take greater interest in carding for their dental hygiene.