12 Jul

London Dentist's Recommendations for Infants

The human body is constantly changing all throughout the lifetime of an individual. Most parents are under the misapprehension that oral hygiene for infants is not important since the primary teeth are going to fall off someday to give way to the permanent teeth. London dentists reason that the primary teeth lay the foundation for the permanent set of teeth and hence it is pertinent that parents begin brushing and the flossing activities for their children as soon as possible.
Dentists say that there is no harm to start brushing as soon as the teeth appear. You may not be able to use toothpaste until the baby is 2 ½ years old but until then water can serve as a substitute. Once the baby is 2 ½ years old toothpastes with small amount of fluorides can be used while brushing. Visit your dentist to understand the exact manner in which a baby’s teeth are supposed to be brushed and flossed.
It is just in the initial stages wherein you have to personally do the brushing and flossing. It is necessary that parents supervise their children while they brush until they are around ten years old and the parents must also imbibe in them the importance of flossing. A good brushing habit involves your child having knowledge of the correct way of brushing without leaving the inner surface of the tooth unattended. A good oral hygiene in infants goes a long way in maintaining lifelong healthy teeth for your children.