09 May

London Dentists Suggest Ways on How to Have Fresh Breath Always

Bad breath or halitosis can be a caused for people to stay away from you. Covering your mouth every time you speak can be tiring and degrading. Good news is, fresh breath is not that hard to achieve. You just have to understand what causes bad breath and to follow some tips on how to maintain fresh breath.
The bacteria that live in the whitish coating on your tongue’s posterior portion are the major reason why you could lose your fresh breath. A secondary cause of halitosis is the bacteria that could gather in other areas of your mouth.
Here are some tips from London dentists on how to maintain fresh breath:
• Always practice and maintain good oral hygiene. A good oral hygiene can eliminate the bacteria that are the main cause of bad breath.
• A good oral hygiene consists of brushing your teeth two to three times daily, flossing once a day, using an oral rinse and regular check up with your dentists. Using sprays, breath mints, gums and mouthwash may only give you a limited time of having fresh breath.
• Avoid dry mouth as it promotes bad breath. Drink plenty of water regularly, stop smoking and stay away from alcohol.
• Brush your teeth after eating protein-rich foods such as cheese and fish. Protein is said to contribute to bad breath.
• Clean your dentures regularly using antiseptic solutions.
• If symptoms of bad breath still persist despite taking the necessary steps to maintain fresh breath, consult your London dentist. Halitosis can be a sign of faulty dental work, gum disease or other medical problems.