06 Jul

London kids love to brush their teeth with brush ups

Ok, my kid hates to brush his teeth. It takes a mixture of cajoling and threats to get the tot to make sure his teeth are clean and sparkly in the morning and night. I did everything possible to getting him softer brushes to forcibly cleaning his teeth myself, but nothing seemed to work! But recently there’s been a 360 degree turnaround in him and it’s due to BRUSH UPS!
Yes that’s right, he hates to do the butt work himself but does not mind when someone else uses these really soft finger gloves to clean out his teeth! My mother found this really neat product from Oral B called Brush-ups. And she thought instead of the daily tussle why not use these to clean the little brats teeth and as always she was right! Oral B Brush-Ups consist of these really smooth textured teeth wipes to clean off the gunk of baby teeth and your tongue for instant fresh breath!You can fit them on your finger and then run them over your teeth to keep them really clean. And with the moisture guard your finger does not get wet! Although these are really great. I wouldn’t advise them for regular use and every London dentist recommends tooth brushing as the only way to keep teeth clean.