28 Jun

London preschoolers are taught dental hygiene!

• Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first one comes out!
This accustoms your child to brushing and teaches him how valuable the method is to maintain healthy teeth.
• Start using fluoridated toothpaste only after the age of 2 to protect your toddler’s teeth unless your London dentist advises you to start earlier.
• Get an age specific pliable nylon toothbrush for toddlers to learn brushing easily. Parents have to teach their toddlers and preschooler’s to brush twice a day until they are about 5 years old. At the age of 5 children become capable of doing the process by them. Only use about pea-sized amounts of fluoridated tooth paste and make sure your child does not eat any of it. Although you can try flossing please do be careful with over active children.
• Check to see whether your locality has fluoridated drinking water. This is an enormous benefit as fluoridated water contains the right amount of fluoride to toughen teeth and delay cavities. Ask your dentist for fluoride tablets if required.
• Ask your pediatric dentist for help if your child is still sucking his thumb at the age of four or five. Prolonged thumb sucking can cause misaligned teeth or cavities.