22 Jun

London researchers find a link between dental health and heart infection

If you are a person with good dental hygiene habits you don’t need to read this. Do you know taking care of your teeth and gums is very important to prevent infection of heart valves? Yes. You heard it right.A recent study by London researchers shows that the bacteria that cause dental infections can enter into bloodstream and can cause endocarditis or an infection of heart valves. This infection will attack the lining of the heart or heart valve causing a gradual decrease in the functioning of the heart and eventually stopping it. This infection occurs more in people who extract their teeth because of dental decay. There is a chance that bacteria will enter your blood stream when your brush and floss and then infect your heart valves.
That’s not the only infection poor oral hygiene can cause! German scientists have found a link between periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis! Most patients who have rheumatoid arthritis have very poor oral hygiene. Some researchers have also suspected a link between poor oral hygiene and diabetes as well as premature labor!
I think this is reason enough to brush well!