11 May

Maintaining good dental hygiene in London

Going to any dentist can be a really painful experience and most people do require something or the other to be done on their teeth. But with careful care you can maintain your teeth in perfect condition and just get follow up care very six months. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain perfect dental health for yourself.• Use a straw while drinking soft drinks. Most soft drinks contain a large amount of carbonic acid which can etch the surface of teeth. You can feel this after having soft drinks; the surface of your teeth immediately feels rough. The carbonic acid eats away at the superficial layer on your tooth and causes it to retain food particles. These can later on form cavities. You can avoid this completely by sipping soft drinks directly through a straw which prevents the soft drink from washing against your teeth.
• Drink water with every thing sweet you eat. The water washes away all the sugar and prevents it from lodging in between the teeth where it does the most damage.
• Drink a lot of water and, make sure you swish it around your mouth. Most countries and cities, especially London, now have compulsorily fluoridated water which is good for teeth. Combine this with a fluoridated mouthwash and with fluoridated toothpaste and you can’t lose. Just be careful with children under the age of two.