18 Jul

Oral Hygiene Problems – Whom to Approach in London

Oral hygiene is extremely important for maintaining the overall health of the human body. With the expansion of dental medicine, dental hygiene has become a branch in itself and the people who specialize in it are referred to as dental hygienists.
Their job mainly involves preventive dental care. A dental hygienist teaches his patients on how to maintain their teeth in perfect condition and also gives tips on practicing proper oral hygiene. A thorough examination of the patients’ teeth and gums helps them to record abnormalities and diseases, if any. They are also the people to consult if you have any soft or hard deposits on your teeth to be removed.
Oral hygienists work in close association with dentists and help them in diagnosing the disease. They perform procedures like cleaning the teeth, scaling and polishing, root planing and taking radiographs. They also are in charge of applying dental sealants and fluorides which are cavity-preventive agents.
Hygienists are in much demand these days with more and more people suffering from dental problems owing to the current junk food fad and lifestyle. According to the London Employment Bureau, dental hygienists have excellent employment opportunities with good salary packages and their demand will only continue to grow in the coming years. Another reason that makes this profession very popular is flexible timings. You can work full-time, part-time or just on weekends as it suits your schedule. This option helps most hygienists to work in more than one dental clinic.
A dental hygienist must possess good manual dexterity and should be courteous and easy going with patients as most people do not enjoy a dentist’s appointment. It is the duty of a hygienist to put the patient at ease, listen to their problems and give valuable advice and tips on how to maintain a healthy oral system.