11 May

Oral hygiene products from London

Maintaining oral hygiene is really important and you can do it really well if you follow a few common tips and ticks like,
1. Avoid scrubbing away at your tooth surface with your toothbrush use minimal pressure and a sweeping motion from the gum towards the tooth surface. A soft multitufted rounded brush is the best for almost every one. Be sure to replace your tooth brush every two months.
2. Brush for at least 3-5minutes and time yourself with an egg timer or an alarm clock. Brush 3-4 minutes twice daily as a replacement for brushing speedily five or more times through the day.
3. Rinse your mouth after every snack or food you eat. Keep a toothbrush in your desk drawer to remind yourself to brush once in the day time.
4. Brush daily at least twice a day to avoid problems in the future.
5. Get a biannual cleaning done to maintain your gum condition
6. Sue a fluoridated toothpaste to keep your teeth healthy and use a fluoridate mouthwash to add to the benefits.
7. Eat more green leaf veggies and fiber to keep your mouth healthy.
8. Obviously don’t smoke or drink to keep your teeth perfectly healthy.