12 Oct

Orthodontics Offered in London

In the past, it seemed like only adolescents and teenagers wore orthodontic braces. However, more recently braces are also being worn by adults. Approximately 30% of orthodontic patients in the U.S. are adults, and others countries are catching up to this percentage. Even though this trend is here in London, it is still a good idea to start orthodontic treatment at an early age for the best results. Your London dentist recommends that children have an orthodontic evaluation at 7 years old. Malocclusion and crooked teeth are both a restorative and cosmetic issue. Independent of your age, orthodontic treatment can help to protect your bite, increase your teeth’s ability to perform their functions, and align your teeth, allowing for a more aesthetic appearance. Additionally, straighter teeth can make good oral hygiene easier to perform and maintain.
If your dentist feels that you are a candidate for orthodontics, they will most likely refer you to an orthodontist (i.e., a specialist in the field). Initially, the orthodontist will use various methods to develop your treatment plan. These methods include: facial and intraoral photographs; a facial, oral and functional exam; panoramic and cephalometric radiographs; and alginate impressions for your plaster dental models to analyse your teeth and bite. Then the orthodontist comes up with a specific treatment plan for just you, and presents this to you during the second visit. The orthodontist will also tell you how long the whole process will take. This is usually dependent upon the complexity of the situation, how well the treatment plan is followed, and the age of the patient. Younger patients usually have shorter treatments than adults, due to the supporting bone structure around the teeth. But, this again is dependent upon a number of other factors.