27 Aug

Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening products are a viable option for tooth-conscious Londoners

A lot of studies in London have confirmed that tooth whitening is safe and indeed effective. Over the counter tooth whitening gels that contain up to 10% carbamide peroxide, which is the equivalent of 3.6% of hydrogen peroxide, have been shown to not cause any damage to the tooth or its enamel. Products used by dentists have higher concentrations of carbamide and peroxide, and have been found to weaken the enamel, which is why most of these formulations come with the added protection of fluoride to offset the side effect. Prescription fluoride gels are also available for people who have to use products that have higher concentrations of whitening agents. There are a variety of over the counter tooth whitening products available in London.
Obviously, the main benefit of over the counter tooth whitening products is their cost. Another major advantage is their easy and immediate availability; all you need to do is buy them from your nearby pharmacist and get started with your tooth whitening process. It is essential that the customer gets his/her teeth professionally cleaned before starting to use tooth whitening formulations. It is also important to have all cavities filled and check that the gums are in good health.
Dentist-supervised tooth whitening does have its advantages. But it also has a few drawbacks. The cost is much higher when compared to over the counter products and there is a much longer wait period involved as well. You need to first schedule an appointment with the dentist, get your teeth evaluated and then hopefully start the treatment.
The most important drawback of over the counter tooth whitening systems is that the whole procedure is not monitored by a dentist to seek help from if problems occur, and it is also possible that customers who buy these products might not be good candidates for tooth whitening.