11 Apr

Paediatric Dentistry in London

Recent researches have shown that oral problems in children are five times more frequent than respiratory disorders and seven times more frequent than ordinary hay fever. Researches have also confirmed that tooth decay is the most serious ailment that affects children between five and seventeen years and that it is no less a threat in infants. Therefore, the assumption that children have better teeth than the adults is only a misnomer and that is why extra care should be taken to ensure complete oral health in children and infants, so that they are not faced with too many complications in the future.What a child eats mostly affects the child oral condition. Sugars, starches, food acids, etc cause tooth decay and contribute to a whole myriad of other dental and periodontal problems. Added to this fact, a child’s teeth are even more difficult to clean, resulting in bacterial growth. Although a baby’s deciduous teeth will eventually be replaced with the permanent ones, a healthy set of teeth is crucial to the baby’s overall development and health.
It is best to consult a professional dentist for your child’s overall oral hygiene and for this you can refer to any qualified paediatric dentist in London. A professional will be the best person to prepare a checklist for your child’s oral health while he/she grows up from a baby. A general child oral care checklist may include regular teeth cleaning, regular dental visits, optional sealant application sessions, fluoride treatments, dental flossing sessions, regular mouth washing, and orthodontic treatments.