29 Aug

Regular Oral Hygiene keeps the dentist away in London

London’s many dentists keep telling their patients that all it takes to reduce visits to them is regular oral hygiene. Yes it is as simple as that! Most dental problems like tooth decay and gum diseases start from plaque and bacteria buildup that starts due to irregular cleaning of your teeth. Thanks to our busy life and 24X7 food temptations in London, we often forget to regularly brush our teeth twice a day, floss them once a day and use antiseptic mouthwash to keep our mouth bacteria free. A good routine of oral hygiene almost always prevents plaque buildup. Plaque is the sticky film of food and bacteria that builds on our teeth due to insufficient teeth cleaning. This plaque invades our tooth’s many crevices and fissures; generating harmful acids that slowly corrode or decay, the tooth’s protective enamel surface – causing cavities (holes) in it. That’s not all, as this problematic plaque often irritates the gum and could cause a painful gum disease and even tooth loss. The fluoride-in-your toothpaste and drinking water does prevent some plaque buildup. There are also many popular dental treatments available in London that help your teeth. Some of the ‘easy to implement treatments’ include sealant application, fluoride treatments and scaling (scraping off hardened plaque / tartar). As a precautionary measure dentists like to conduct cancer screening tests using x-ray imaging. According to a recent survey 56% dentists said that most of their patients were not sufficiently worried about tooth decay and were ignorant about tooth cancer too. It is time you became more careful about your forgotten teeth and its many ailments that arise out of your own carelessness.