18 Jul

Rising popularity of teeth whitening procedure in London

Tooth enamel is the covering that coats our teeth; it is white in colour and is made up of microscopic crystalline rods. Due to the constant wear and tear, the enamel gets worn down becoming thin and transparent and takes on the yellow colour of dentin which forms the core material of our tooth.
Tooth whitening is a procedure that has gained immense popularity in the field of cosmetic dentistry. In this process, the original pristine white colour of the tooth enamel is restored by removing the stains and debris that has deposited on the teeth over the years. Teeth whitening process also removes the extrinsic stains leaving your teeth looking white and sparkling.
There are many teeth whitening centres that have sprung up in London in recent years but one among the first specialist centre of this kind is Smile studio. There are three different ways of approach to whiten your teeth. The first one is to buy over-the-counter whitening products or gels from your local pharmacy. This option is cheap and convenient but the disadvantage is that it is temporary and may whiten only a few teeth.
Alternatively, you can also purchase professionally dispensed whitening kits from your dentist which is easy to use and gives the best results over a period of time. These kits usually contain gels that have a lower concentration of peroxide. The final option is to get a teeth whitening procedure done at your dental clinic which involves the use of high concentration peroxide gel. This process works best for those who are looking for an immediate colour change.
Sparkling white teeth is a prerequisite for a beautiful smile. So, get teeth whitening process done if you are a victim of stained teeth and suffer from low confidence.