24 May

See Your London Dentist for a Tooth Abscess

Even though you may experience pain and swelling with a tooth abscess, there is often a tendency to think it is not very seriously. Consider that if an open wound elsewhere on your body had the same symptoms, you would see your doctor immediately. Interestingly enough, a dental abscess is every bit as dangerous as every other type of septic infection. Therefore, you should see your London dentist as quickly as possible to have it taken care of.
Depending on the severity of the infection, your dentist can select from a number of treatment plans. For example, if the infection is relatively new, you may be able to take antibiotics to clear it up. In most cases, catching an abscess early on will reduce the chances of needing a root canal, or other types of procedures. This, in turn, will also help protect your gums and teeth from needing more extensive work years down the road.
If you are prone to infections, you may also want to ask your dentist about mouthwashes and oral hygiene procedures that will help prevent future infections. Among other things, you may be told to rinse your mouth with warm salt water, as well as to avoid eating certain foods. While sweets may not cause bacterial infections, you may be surprised to learn that sugar and high fructose corn syrup can most certainly encourage bacteria to grow faster than usual.
As soon as you sense that your gums are swelling or bleeding, it is very important to visit your dentist. When you have a dental abscess, it can easily evolve into a life threatening emergency. Considering how easy it is to treat this condition in the early phases, your best option is to see your dentist and obtain medication as quickly as possible.