20 Jul

Simple oral hygiene tips to keep Londoners mouth healthy

It is not difficult to maintain good oral hygiene; all you have to do is to follow these tips on oral hygiene. These tips are not difficult to follow; and you need not use any expensive equipment, potions or lotions to follow them.Bleeding gums is a problem most complaints dentists in London receive from their customers. However to cure this problem, you only have to examine the way you brush your teeth. Brushing away from the gums exposes the roots of the teeth; this is why it is better to use a gentle ‘up and down’ motion when brushing.
Frenzied side to side brushing motion also causes recession of the gums. Try to clean the areas between your teeth using floss; pieces of food found here only decays and will otherwise be detected only with toothache or gum disease. Even smoking is bad for gums as over time, it affects the deterioration of gums.
If you have sensitive teeth, I suggest you use specialized toothpastes to prevent sensitivity. Try rinsing with warm water if you have sensitive teeth and just resent rinsing with cold water.
Bad breath develops with poor oral hygiene. Though an antiseptic mouthwash improves your breath, drinking lots of water is an easier option as it prevents the mouth from drying. Also make it a point to clean the back of your tongue using your toothbrush and to dislodge pieces of food in your teeth to prevent it from rotting in your mouth.
Most important, visit your dentist regularly. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to consult professionals as we are here to look after the single set of adult teeth you have to maintain throughout your life.