21 Jun

Smoking and Periodontal disease: New research from London.

Are you a smoker? Do you suffer from chronic dental problems? Research has now proved that smoker lose teeth more readily than non smokers due to the irritation of the tar products in cigarette smoke. Smoking is a very important factor for developing severe periodontal disease. Even if the smoking patients get periodontal surgery done, healing post-surgery takes a much longer time. A few common signs of smoker which can develop to severe periodontal disease are
• Calculus is a hard calcified deposit which occurs in nearly every mouth. But it seems to form faster in smokers. These deposits accumulate along the gum line and on the inner surface of your tooth and are usually colored dark brown for smoker. This has to be cleaned away by a professional and cannot be removed by brushing alone.
• Calculus then continues to push below the gum line causing the gums to separate from the teeth. This forms a deep sack between your teeth and gums whish is the beginning of periodontal disease or gum disease.
• If calculus is not removed in time by a professional; it sediments below your gum line giving protection for bacteria. These bacteria can destroy your gum tissue and in turn can pull away the gums from your teeth. Causing teeth to loosen and fall out.