01 Mar

Teeth whitening in London

Some people have sparkling white teeth, while others have greyish yellow teeth. Smoking drinking excess coffee, tea, red wine and chewing tobacco are some of the main causes of teeth discolouration. Poor oral hygiene, damage to blood vessels and nerves to the teeth as well some medicines and antibiotics can also discolour teeth.
You can prevent teeth discolouration by taking various measures.
• Visiting your dentist regularly and getting your teeth cleaned and polished. This also helps in removing decay and tartar on regular basis so that your teeth are healthy.
• Regular brushing of teeth twice a day before and after bed time.
• Avoid smoking and refrain from taking strong coloured foods, tea, coffee, red wine etc.
There are many different products available in London that can help keep your teeth sparkling white. Some of these products can be used by yourself at home while others are only available under supervision of your dentist.
As well as teeth whitening tooth pastes there are many OTC teeth bleaching kits available in most London chemists. These kits contain a rubber mouth trays and bleaching gels in tubes. You squeeze some gel on the trays and place them on your teeth for 30 minutes. The bleaching gel contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide so it will only remove mild stains. If you have heavily stained teeth you will need to visit your local dentist.
Dentists in London provide one hour professional teeth whitening as well as take home kits which are far superior then OTC kits. The take home kits supplied by your dentist come with custom made mouth trays to fit you. One hour teeth whitening procedure uses higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and laser beam which activates the crystals that bleaches the enamel. Due to high concentration of hydrogen peroxide gums and surrounding tissues have to be protected. Your eyes have to be protected from laser and accidental splashes of hydrogen peroxide. Though there are various teeth whitening products available, for best results professional teeth whitening done by your dentist should be your choice.