13 Sep

Teeth Whitening Methods in London

When you see all of the teeth whitening products on the market today, no wonder why you are confused! Discussing teeth whitening with your dentist can lead you and your dentist to choose the correct product and procedure for your teeth whitening needs. When visiting London, the dentist should be able to tell from the current shade of your teeth, how well your teeth will respond to teeth whitening, as yellow teeth respond the best, followed by brown teeth, and at the bottom of the scale, greyish teeth. In addition, white fillings (i.e., composites) and porcelain veneers do not whiten at all.
If your dentist agrees that you are a candidate for teeth whitening, your dentist may suggest an in-office teeth whitening system that takes several visits at about 30-60 minutes per visit. This process requires that a rubber dam and shielding gel be used to isolate the area to be treated, and make certain that your oral soft tissues do not become irritated. Then, the whitening gel is placed on the teeth to be whitened, and a light source is then placed in the immediate location of your teeth to augment the gel’s effects. There are several different types of light sources.
Various teeth whitening products exist for the public to use at home. Some are purchased for at-home use, while others are dispensed by your dentist. These products contain various peroxide(s) that clean tooth enamel, and are dependant on the carbamide peroxide gel concentration (e.g., 10%, 16%, or 22%) used as the whitening medium. This gel is placed into an overnight soft clear-rubber appliance fabricated in your dentist’s office specifically for you. The treatment is usually individualized, and together you and your dentist will decide which is best for you. You should make your dentist aware of any side-effects, such as teeth or gum sensitivity while using the teeth whitening solution. But, sensitivity should diminish over time.
The majority of over-the-counter toothpastes aid in the removal of surface tooth stains through the use of abrasives. However, these toothpastes have no effect on the tooth’s inherent shade. So, while numerous teeth whitening products exist, it is best for you to discuss which one will best work for you with your dentist.