24 Jan

Teeth Whitening Tips by a London dentist

As time goes by, people start to notice that their teeth start to turn yellow and stained. For people who smoke and drink coffee or soft drinks, this is even more noticeable. Their smiles become less white as time passes on. For those desiring to get whiter teeth, fret not because you can remedy this problem provided you use the right bleaching solution.
Teeth whitening gels are usually used in several ways. They can be done at home or conducted by your London dentist. Teeth whitening can cost from anywhere between a couple hundred pounds to a couple thousand pounds. It generally depends on where you live and the work needed to be done.
Professional teeth whitening systems used by your dentist are going to be pricey. Most of these treatments are not going to a one-time deal. Some of them require you to have several sessions before getting the optimum results. These professional whitening systems are expensive because they are custom-made trays that hold the gel and because of the cost of the gel itself.
Another option is to use these teeth whitening gel and a pre-filled tray that’s shaped to fit the teeth. These are less expensive since the trays are not exactly custom made. These are also better then gel strips since they tend to stay in place for a good period of time.
Other unusual methods make use of applying the bleaching gel using some sort of strip. It works but it can be tricky to not disturb the gel while waiting for the tooth to get bleached, the taste can sometimes get into your mouth, and you might inadvertently swallow it, which won’t be a pleasant experience most of the time.
Many more people are starting to realize that it pays to have a healthy white smile, so trying out teeth whitening gels are the perfect solution to making that smile even more beautiful.