27 Apr

Teeth Whitening Treatments Available in London

Teeth whitening targets to correct dental discolourations like brownish and yellowish stains to give you a glistening whiter set of teeth.There are several types of teeth whitening procedures employed by dentists to whiten your teeth. These include chemical teeth bleaching, and laser teeth whitening, which is the latest technique being used. And these whitening techniques are currently available in London as well. While these procedures are all effective, you have to weigh their associated pros and cons depending on your goals and your budget. It is advisable that you explore these options with your dentist so he can recommend what will work best for you.
The following are the common teeth whitening procedures currently done by London-based dentists.
Custom fit tray bleaching
This process involves application of custom fitted tray containing a small amount of bleaching gel over your teeth. You have to wear this tray briefly every day. As this is cheaper and easier than laser bleaching, more people prefer this type of teeth whitening.
Your dentist gets an impression of your teeth and oral cavity and makes a thin plastic tray for you to wear for an hour or two daily. If you have severely stained teeth, you may have this procedure on top of laser bleaching.
This teeth whitening technique works gradually and will require you to have two to four dental visits to attain desirable results. However you may also do this at home for 2 to 4 weeks and just have short dental appointments for progress monitoring by your dentist.
Laser teeth whitening
This technique involves the use of a laser together with a bleaching gel and is carried out in a dental surgery. Your dentist applies a translucent bleaching gel to your teeth. Then a special light is utilized to energize the crystals enabling them to penetrate your teeth enamel more efficiently. Thus, enhancing the gel’s brightening effect on your teeth.
This process usually takes two hours depending on the amount of discolouration. It normally takes just a single dental visit to achieve your desired whiter teeth. The effect can be immediately noticed. This can also be followed up with a home bleaching kit for a more desirable effect.