21 Jun

Tips for maintaining sensitive teeth in London

Sensitive teeth are a misery! Nearly everything you eat will cause a sudden, shock like pain. Sometimes even tiny joys like chocolate and ice cream can cause tingling pains in all your teeth. If you have all these symptoms you are definitely suffering from sensitive teeth!There are many underlying reason for a sensitive teeth. The causes may vary from an injured tooth, cavities, shallow depressions in the tooth due to excessive acidity, decayed dental pulp, fracture of the tooth etc. Dental procedures such as large fillings which are very close to the internal nerve may also cause sensitive tooth. To solve your problem you have find out the exact reason underlying it. It’s a good idea to get it checked with your London dentist before the problem gets any worse.
You can take care of your sensitive teeth by proper oral hygiene techniques. Use a soft tooth brush designed for sensitive teeth to brush at least two times a day coupled with flossing once a day. Use desensitizing tooth pastes combined with fluoride containing rinses available in the market for sensitive teeth. Use the toothpaste for brushing and then place a tiny amount of the toothpaste on the areas which are sensitive for about five minutes and then rinse off with the mouthwash.