20 Jul

Tooth abscess treatment in London

ooth abscess is a state when pus accumulates in or around the roots of a tooth. It causes severe pain and the affected tooth may loosen. Taking pain killers and draining the gum boil is just an act of first aid. It is advisable that you visit a dentist.
Symptoms of tooth abscess:
 Agonizing pain which increases on touching the tooth. Pain is severe when biting or chewing.
 Swelling appears on the gum which is red and the affected tooth loosens.
 Foul tasting secretion is discharged into the mouth.
 When the contagion spreads to nearby tissues swelling appears on your face and you develop fever.
Treatment of tooth abscess:
The aim of abscess tooth treatment in the dental hospitals of London or anywhere else is to first of all remove the infection. Once the infection is eliminated the tooth is preserved. This will prevent further complications.
The abscess has to be drained so that the infection can be eliminated. Root canal is the process through which tooth drainage is conducted. In some cases root canal surgery is also recommended so that any diseased root tissue is removed once the infection subsides. Finally a crown may be positioned over the tooth.
Drainage of the abscess can be carried out through the socket by extracting the tooth.
The last method of draining the abscess can also be carried out by slitting the swollen gum tissue.
Once the abscess is drained then you will have to take antibiotics to help you to fight the infection. To get relief from the pain and discomfort linked to an abscessed tooth, you can use over the counter pain killers or rinse with warm salt water.
Prevention of tooth abscess
Tooth abscess can be prevented by adopting good oral hygiene practices. And if you feel that your tooth has loosened then it is advisable for you to seek immediate dental attention.