20 Jul

Treating Tooth Decay In London

 Everyone is prone to suffer from tooth decay. However, it can be prevented/controlled by proper dental hygiene and a wholesome diet.
Dental caries or tooth decay refers to a gradual deterioration in the state of a person’s oral health, which is brought about due to the tooth enamel giving away. This damage of the tooth structure linked to decomposition can result in holes forming in the teeth, which are generally known as cavities.
Causes of Tooth Decay
Very frequently, the choice of diet and dental hygiene habits are instrumental in causing tooth decay.
The majority of the foods consumed by us are rich in starches and sugars. If not properly cleaned, and food particles remain on the teeth, then plaque (the glutinous substance that develops on teeth) mixes with the bacteria residing in the mouth. It is this mixture that generates acids, which destroy the tooth enamel leading to tooth decay.
The Role Of Diet and Nutrition in Tooth Decay
Adhering to a wholesome dietary regime with good nutrition is vital for advancing proper dental hygiene and preventing tooth decay. Drinks and food that contain elevated levels of sugars are far more likely to produce the acid that damages the tooth enamel leading to decay. Restricting drinks and foods that have high levels of sugar and carbonation could aid in checking tooth decay and enhance dental hygiene.