13 Mar

Treatment and Prevention of Tooth Decay in London

Dental caries, otherwise known as tooth decay, is actually a disease which involves the destruction of tooth structure by bacteria.
Throughout the history of mankind, tooth decay has always been considered a serious dental problem. This is probably why regular check up by your London dentist is required to protect the health of your gums and teeth.
Tooth decay forms when there is demineralization of the tooth and holes are formed. Bacteria in the mouth reside in these holes and release acids that further destroy the enamel of the tooth.
Among the leading cause of tooth decay is sugary food. This is because the oral bacteria consume the sugar and converts it into acid that results to the demineralization. For this reason, it has always been advised by dentist to limit the intake of sugar. If you do consume sugary foods and drinks, it would be wise to immediately brush your teeth afterwards.
It should be understood that tooth decay does not happen overnight. It usually takes months and sometimes years for the cavity to form. For this reason, tooth decays can be prevented and treated early in order to minimize damage to the tooth.
Treatment of tooth decays involves visiting your dentist. The decayed portion of your tooth will be removed using special tools such as a dental drill. If the decay is extensive, the tooth can be restored in order for it to regain its functionality. The restoration will usually use amalgam, composite resin or porcelain fillings.
Prevention of tooth decay is possible. Your London dentist will suggest the following:
• Proper oral hygiene program
• Dietary modification
• Other measures such as fluoride therapy and dental sealants