11 May

Unique new dental products in London stores

Keeping your teeth can be pretty boring. All dentists say brush your teeth two times daily and don’t forget to floss at least once a week, right? But what if you had yet more different and unique products to use to clean your teeth rather than boring old toothpastes and dental floss?
London specialty stores as well as online stores are now offering one of kind specialty dental products to suit your every need. I did find a few really weird and a few really useful but do use them with caution as we don’t really have the scientific basis or proof of thee new products.1. Melaleuca Tooth Polish- Really weird toothpaste which contains tea tree oil. Now I do know that tea tree oil is a great antiseptic is really effective in controlling bacteria but the taste is really nauseous and made me throw up. And to add to that no one in my family agreed to use the toothpaste due to the disgusting taste and color of the toothpaste. I’m now stuck with three pairs of this really revolting herbal toothpaste .Any taker out there?
2. Fresh Umbrian Clay Toothpaste. Hellooooooooo, was the marketing department sleeping while making this product? Who one earth will use mud or clay in their mouth can you just imagine the taste? The box does say that it’s flavored with lemon and wild mint extracts for a refreshing feeling. OHH, I guess that makes it alright then!!!!!!!!!! Not for me any way!!!!!!!!
A few more really nasty one waiting in the wings so keep in touch guys!