28 Aug

Useful Tips for the Denture-clad Londoner

So, got yourself a new pair of dentures? These dentures are uniquely created for you and have been designed to match your facial features and complement your complexion. At first, your new dentures may feel strange, but that is only natural and nothing to worry about at all, as you will get used to them very soon. When you look into the mirror, you may feel that you look different, hopefully better! Your voice may also sound different at first, but will soon return to normal as you get used to your new set of dentures.
We take off our shoes every night before going to bed to relax our tired feet. In the very same manner, your dentures should be removed at night to allow your gum tissue to relax. When not in use, your dentures must be placed in a denture cleanser or at least a glass of clean water which will help prevent warping of the denture material.
People have crazy eating habits in London and this will not go down well with dentures. It is a common complaint that people experience slipping of their teeth while eating. Improper chewing on one side can cause dentures to tip and loosen. The right way to eat is to place small amounts of food on both sides of the mouth and chew up and down in a vertical motion, which equalises pressure on both sides of the mouth and reduces movement.
It is very important to clean your dentures everyday with a good quality denture toothbrush and toothpaste. This will help prevent the gradual build-up of plaque and stains and also odour. You can also soak your dentures in a denture cleanser.
Finally, it is also important to visit your dentist regularly. Get your dentures checked regularly for their fit, so that adjustments can be made if necessary. So, with proper care of your dentures, proper eating habits and regular check-ups, you can most certainly enjoy good oral health!