21 Jun

You Can Get Empress Veneers in the City of London

As with other types of veneers, Empress Veneers are used to cover up a wide range of imperfections on visible teeth. For example, if your teeth have permanent stains from fluoride, coffee, or smoking, you may need to have veneers installed. In most cases, your City of London dentist will prepare your teeth for veneers, and then install them with a minimal amount of difficulty.
If you are planning to get veneers, you may find that Empress Veneers are the best ones available. Among other things, they are the only ones that will not develop stains. Therefore, if you smoke or eat foods that stain teeth, these will work best for your long term goals. At the very least, getting Empress Veneers may be a better solution than having your teeth whitened every few months.
You will also find that Empress veneers are very comfortable. These particular veneers are actually a porcelain shell, as opposed to to a slip of material that gets glued to your teeth. In many cases, you will find that they are a bit lighter, and do not require as much bonding surface.
Today, Empress veneers can also be used if you have broken teeth, or need to have their size changed for some other reason. For example, if a front tooth was fractured, you may be able to make use of a veneer instead of having the entire tooth covered with a crown. This will help preserve more of your natural tooth, as well as give you the maximum cosmetic benefit. As you may be aware, porcelain is still the best material when it comes to taking on shades of white that most closely match your other teeth. Therefore, if you need to have veneer installed, you may want to ask your dentist about Empress Veneers and their advantages.