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If you require an oral surgeon, Baker Street Dental Group is delighted to offer you an emergency or a regular appointment with our highly-skilled and experienced specialists.

The personnel of Baker Street Dental Group is trained in intravenous sedation when required, and experienced in delivering excellent treatment in a calming environment even to the most anxious of patients.

To book an appointment with an oral surgeon give us a call on 020 8563 8063, or leave your name and contact details in the form at the bottom of this page, and one of our friendly patient coordinators will be in touch to discuss your needs.


Oral surgeon London

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Our experienced oral surgeon can assist you if you require:


Surgical tooth extraction

If a tooth extraction can turn into a surgical one, having it completed by a specialist oral surgeon is a more secure way to ensure smoother, less painful procedure and a quicker recovery.


Extractions if you have medical problems

For patients with known medical problems, it is recommended that extractions are completed by an oral surgeon. The procedure will be preceded by a careful examination and a discussion of your health status and needs.


Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth can be challenging to extract; their positioning and large roots are best handled by an oral surgeon, who can use surgical techniques if necessary during the procedure.



If a root canal treatment proved inefficient, an apicoectomy can be the only way to save a tooth. A detailed exam will be required prior to this minor surgical procedure.


Jaw trauma

If you’ve suffered a jaw trauma, a consultation with an oral surgeon is an absolute must. Unresolved jaw trauma issues can seriously affect your oral and general health.


TMJ Diagnosis

If you or your dentist are concerned that you may have a Temporomandibular joint syndrome, book an appointment with our oral surgeon to receive a precise diagnosis and a treatment plan.


Dental Abscess

A bacterial infection in the tooth or gums causing a dental abscess can be a very painful experience causing great discomfort and unpleasant odour.  The condition can be easily treated by one of our specialists.



Oral surgeons are the specialists trained to carry out biopsies to help determine if a change in the soft tissue or a dental lump is something to be concerned about.


Orthodontic implants

Some more complex orthodontic treatments require the use of mini implants, which can add additional support and speed up the teeth straightening process.

Antoaneta Day

Specialist Oral Surgeon and Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr Antoaneta Day has more than 20 years of experience in oral surgery and has worked in the oral surgery units of a number of hospitals in London.

As an oral surgeon, Dr Antoaneta holds a special interest in the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, removal of retained roots and treatment of problematic extractions, apicoectomies, as well as releasing frenums and tongue ties, removal of soft tissue cysts and polyps.

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Why choose Baker Street Dental for your oral surgery needs:


Top of the line technology

With advanced technology, such as the cone beam 3D CT scan we are able to provide you with timely and accurate diagnosis in-house. We strive to continuously upgrade the dental technology we use and provide you, our patients, with the best possible care.


Intravenous sedation

In cases where oral surgery is required, intravenous sedation can help you remain calm during the procedure. Our oral surgery specialists are not only highly skilled and with plenty of experience, but also trained to provide superb care for anxious patients.


4 London locations

Located in 4 convenient locations in London, all of which a couple of minutes walk from well-connected tube stations makes us a wonderful choice for your dentistry and dental surgery needs.


24/7 service

Our Baker Street Dental clinic is open 24/7 and available for emergency appointments any day. All of our specialists and dentists are trained to provide emergency assistance and carry out complex treatments.


18 years of emergency experience

Our Baker Street Dental clinic was first opened in 1978, and we have been providing emergency dentistry for more than 18 years. Our emergency services are the top-rated ones in London, with more than 500 5-star reviews.


Green dentistry

At Baker Street Dental, we care about the world we live in and the one we’ll leave for generations to come. To ensure that our work has a positive impact in every aspect, we’ve taken many precautionary measures and continuously strive to improve or Green Dentistry initiatives.

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