20 Jul

Dental treatments in London Veneers Vs. teeth Whitening

 For teeth that are slightly stained, teeth whitening may offer a white smile. Quite a few people who are keen on veneers will discover that their London cosmetic dentist will suggest them an easier option of whitening, possibly together with some uncomplicated straightening of teeth. The fitting of dental veneers calls for the “prepping” or “contouring” of all the teeth being provided with the specially made casings. This process changes the treated teeth for good and is hence not advisable if your original teeth are aesthetically and functionally sufficient for the purpose.
In case you suffer from an acute case of tarnished or yellowed teeth, you may need to go in for London dental veneers. Veneers are long lasting and are known to make more attractive the look of your smile, mouth, and perhaps other areas of a worn face that possibly may get a boost with well-shaped teeth. While veneers need a greater commitment in comparison to teeth whitening, the outcomes are worth the effort.