23 Apr
Fabulous Flexible Dentures

At Baker Street Dental we are proud to offer a range of tooth replacement treatments for patients with missing teeth and we have effective solutions for single and multiple missing teeth available. Our modern dentures offer a simple, affordable and convenient means of replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function….

14 Apr
Wisdom Tooth Pain? We're Here to Help!

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, but they often cause the most trouble. Also known as the third molars, the wisdom teeth are located in the corners of the mouth and they usually start to come through between the ages of 18 and 25. However, this can vary widely…

10 Apr
What is Bone Grafting and How is it Used in Dentistry?

Bone grafting is a procedure we sometimes carry out prior to dental implant treatment. The aim of treatment is to build up the density of the bone tissue to enable it support a new implant. About bone grafting When you have a dental implant fitted, it is placed inside a…

02 Apr
Scrubbing Away Those Stains for a Sparkling Smile

Spring is the perfect time to scrub away those stains and make way for a beautiful, sparkling smile! With our outstanding dental hygiene treatments and expert advice on oral hygiene at home, we will have your pearly whites gleaming in no time! Dental hygiene treatments Often, you can brighten your…