29 Jul
Battling Bad breath in London

When you were last out at a bit-of-a-do in London and you came across a person with bad breath, did you mention it to that person, or did you just point out it in a bitchy way to other people? The bet is it was the latter of the two….

27 Jul
Looking your best with Cosmetic Dentistry in the City of London

The city of London is a fascinating place to live. On the one hand it is a den of iniquity, dangling carrots of everything fashionable and extreme socialising, whilst on the other, it offers ways to repair yourself after such exuberances. Such enjoyments will however catch up with you in…

26 Jul
Superb Invisalign in Central London

A lot of braces and aligners make very proud boasts about what they can do to straighten your teeth, but when it comes down to it, it’s the cost, followed by the treatment time involved, that essentially makes your mind up in the end. Of course, there are other factors…

25 Jul
Choosing the right dentist in London

Everyone in London is out to get your money; from shops to restaurants, businesses are competing to get you through their door and get you to spend your hard earned cash with them. For dentists, it’s no different. Great leaps in technology has made it easier for them to offer…

24 Jul
The options of Dental Veneers in the City of London

Modern life in the city of London can place huge demands on us to keep up appearances. The need to look our best at all times can mean the difference between success and failure. Our teeth are the most important element in this equation, as they are normally the first…

23 Jul
Getting treatment for tooth decay treatment in the City of London

The modern world tries to find answers to all questions when it comes to looking after our teeth. For every little problem that arises in the mouth, there is a product designed to help you fight it. Toothpastes, brushes and mouthwashes are designed to keep at bay the biggest peril…