25 Apr
Orthodontic Options To Straighten The Front Teeth

Baker Street Dental is proud to offer an array of treatment options for patients with orthodontic issues. We have treatments available to cater for everyone, from teenagers who are looking for a discreet solution, to adults who are seeking a rapid method of straightening the front teeth. Whatever your needs,…

18 Apr
Londoners Turn to Lasers For Painless Treatment

Many people suffer from anxiety when they have an impending dental appointment and often this is due to a fear of pain, the dreaded dental drill or needles. With laser treatment, we are able to treat Londoners quickly and painlessly. About laser dental treatment Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly commonplace…

11 Apr
London Dentists Know That Flossing Can Keep Your Gums In Great Working Order

Good oral hygiene is the best way to keep the teeth strong and the gums healthy. If you brush your teeth night and day and take the time to floss on a regular basis, your chances of suffering from toothache, cavities and gum disease, will be significantly lower. Most people…

04 Apr
Regular Check-Ups Can Increase Your Chance of Finding Mouth Cancer

One of the most important and effective methods of diagnosing oral cancer cases at an early stage is dental checks. Regular dental check-ups allow your dentist to keep tabs on your oral health, as well as giving them the opportunity to look out for changes in the soft tissue in…