30 Sep
The choice of Dental Procedures in London

When you go to see your dentist in London, you are visiting someone who is versed in looking after the welfare of your teeth and gums. They have a set agenda of rules which they stick by and apply to you when you go for a check-up. During your check-up,…

29 Sep
Getting the right Dentist in Central London

If you decide to move away from home and move to somewhere as vibrant as central London, even with your family, there are weeks of familiarising yourself with the lie of the land, and somewhere in all of this, will be to find yourself a dentist. Now there are a…

28 Sep
Facing up to a Dental Emergency in the City of London

One of the advantages of living in the city of London is that it is on the go for 24 hours a day, places are open for shopping and going out and dancing- it’s wonderful. With this comes the knowledge that the same can be said about the place if…

27 Sep
Battling against Teeth Erosion in London

Teeth erosion is a condition normally caused by the acids left in the mouth from eating and drinking and hence, poor oral hygiene. The first signs that you are having problems are that your teeth may discolour and become sensitive and as the problem continues, your teeth may start cracking,…

26 Sep
The problems of Teeth Decay in Central London

Try as we might to avoid it, most of us in will suffer from some form of tooth decay at some point in our lives, if we haven’t already- anyone who has a filling has. There are some great products on sale in central London designed to help us take…

25 Sep
The problems of Teething in the City of London

In the city of London, there are no set rules when it comes to your babies teeth, some babies can be born with teeth showing, others can take up to almost a year before they begin to come through. With that in mind, all you can do is be prepared…