25 Jun
Dental Technology Has Come A Long Way In Central London

Like any industry over the past one hundred years, dentistry has benefited greatly from the massive leaps and bounds in technology that has weaved itself into dental surgeries around central London. The experimentation and progress behind the scenes has seen new and more durable materials being used for fillings, bridges…

18 Jun
Dental Whitening Can Bring A Great Summer Confidence Boost

Summer is a beautiful time in the city isn’t it? You have been frozen out by winter, soaked by spring and no doubt covered up with layers of clothing throughout. So it is surprise that as soon as the sun comes out for summer the clothes come off, you soak…

10 Jun
Recognising TMJ Symptoms Around Baker Street In London

There is no doubt that there are lots of things that can go wrong in your mouth at anytime; some of these issues are not so serious and can be fixed up in a jiffy at your local dentists down Bakers Street. However, there are some conditions that only manifest…

06 Jun
How Invisible Braces Can Close Up Your Gaps Discreetly In Baker Street

Braces work wonders for your teeth; the alignment of your teeth not only keeps your bite true and healthy for the future, but it also gives you a pretty and confident smile once the treatment is complete. However, for some people, it can be quite a traumatic time going through…