30 Mar
How to Brush and Floss to freedom in the City of London

It is easy to think that your have got your oral hygiene down to a fine art in the city of London and in some cases, maybe you have- bravo! But you should never get complacent about it and it is always good to take time out to review what…

29 Mar
Understanding Oral Surgery in Central London

In dentistry as a whole in central London, there are many forms of oral surgery that relate to specific fields, yet all are tailored to keeping your mouth healthy. All of these will take the same line of principles and rules with which to carry out treatments- diagnosis and treatment….

28 Mar
Illuminating Lumineers in the City of London

It is great to see just how far dentistry has come in the city of London over the past fifty years, especially in the cosmetic department. More and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry in order to find that elusive perfect smile; some treatments are easy, such as teeth…

27 Mar
Dealing with Oral Cancer in London

Dealing with any form of cancer is never an easy time for anyone and it is no different for oral cancer in London. That shock of getting the news is almost enough to kill you anyway, let alone pick yourself up and find the strength to ask the disease out…

26 Mar
Sedation and the cunning way a Dentist make you forget in the City of London

If you have problems turning up to for a dental appointment in the city of London, it is not going to help your nerves if you also have to undergo further treatment; for both dentist and patient, nerves can be a real issue in the dentist’s chair. However, if you…

25 Mar
Tooth loss and the Dental Implant in London

If you need any proof how good modern dentistry has become over the years in London, just take a look at how the dental implant has developed since it first came to the attention of the general public. Often a tricky procedure and hard to do, all this treatment required…