30 Jun
Beating the Breath in London

If you have ever had bad breath or indeed are suffering from it right now, you will be only too well the social and working implications it can have on your life in London: people may well shy away from you and it can damage your prospects in the work…

29 Jun
The dangers of a Dry Mouth and Cavities in Central London

Every now and then in central London, we have all suffered from a dry mouth at some point but generally we get back to normal after a while. This can be caused by many things like medication, smoking, caffeine or just having an exciting fun weekend; but more seriously, having…

28 Jun
The problem with Wisdom Teeth in the City of London

It is easy to think that once you have got through the early years of your life in the city of London and into your late teens/early twenties, you have got through the worst that your teeth have thrown at you since you were born. However, you have last major…

27 Jun
Looking into Dental Implants in London

There are so many choices you can opt for in London when it comes to caring for your oral health, but with anything that you go for, a lot of what you have done can often come down to cost, which is why people compromise sometimes, which is a shame:…

26 Jun
The Treatment for Tooth Decay in Central London

It is a grim fact, yet most of us will suffer from some form of tooth decay at some conjecture in our lives in central London and it is hardly surprising considering how quickly it can take hold. We try to prevent it by having a good oral hygiene programme,…

25 Jun
How to keep your Gums Healthy in the City of London

One of the many essential areas of the mouth that should be looked after in your mouth is your gums; if they are okay, then so will be the rest of your body and vice-versa, because if the gums become diseased, the heart and other organs can also become diseased…