30 May
The Lavish Laser and your teeth in London

There is no getting away from the fact that one of the biggest breakthroughs in dentistry has come with the laser and the biggest relief has come to patients- no more drilling. The laser is rapidly becoming popular in most dental surgeries in London because it offers pain-free treatments. The…

29 May
Who to call in a dental crisis in London

It would be fair to say that in most parts of the country, getting to a dentist in a crisis is pretty nigh on impossible and if the problem is really serious, you would call an ambulance. London however is a world apart, you can find dentists that operate throughout…

28 May
Amazing Invisalign in London

If you are going to have something done in London, have it done right, especially when it comes to your teeth and when it comes to having them straightened, there is none better than the super slick, the super cool and the super ‘invisible’ Invisalign. This amazing little aligner blows…

25 May
Tiptoeing Over Sensitive Teeth in the City of London

Sensitive teeth can be a serious problem on a daily basis in the city of London, stopping you from doing things, eating and drinking things and just down right irritating. The causes are many: over exuberant brushing can wear down the enamel and destroy the gums around the base of…

24 May
Illuminating Lumineers in London

There is nothing sexier than a glorious smile and if you’re going to get one and need one, ‘go get them’ London is the place to smile if you want to get ahead of the competition. Most people would say that up until the age of thirty something, their teeth…

23 May
Grave Gingivitis in London

Gingivitis can cause mayhem in your mouth in London: This disease inflames and infects the tissues that support your teeth, the gums and the tooth sockets themselves. Again and again, all problems in the mouth stem from plaque and once this is allowed to harden into tartar, it attacks the…