10 Feb
Patients resort to DIY dentistry, as watchdog reports two-year waits for some

Some dental patients in England have been forced to undertake DIY treatment due to being unable to get an appointment with a dentist, a watchdog has revealed.  Healthwatch England suggested that hundreds of people had contacted representatives in 2020, with many experiencing difficulties in seeing a dentist. A report featured…

19 Mar
Researchers call for reduced opioid use after study reveals limited benefits for dental patients

Researchers have called for reduced opioid use in dentistry after a study found that the drugs have limited benefits for dental patients. Data collected and analysed by a team at Michigan University suggested that there was very little in the way of differences between opioids and other pain relief techniques….

28 Aug
Study shows athletes have poor dental health, despite good oral hygiene habits

New research has shown that athletes have poor dental health, despite the fact that many have good oral hygiene habits. A study conducted by scientists at UCL revealed that elite sportspeople tend to have poor dental health, even though they devote more time to looking after their teeth. Research teams…

10 Jul
Number of UK smokers falls by 1.8m in seven years

The number of smokers in England has fallen by 1.8 million in the last seven years, new figures confirm. The most recent statistics suggest that the number of smokers has fallen from 7.7 million in 2011 to 5.9 million in 2018/2019. This equates to around 1 in 7 adults. England…

05 Jun
Think tank argues that sugar should be treated in the same way as smoking

A UK think tank has suggested that sugar consumption should be treated in the same way as smoking, in a bid to clamp down on public health issues, including obesity, type 2 diabetes and childhood decay. In the last decade, every effort has been made to discourage people from smoking,…

29 May
New study reveals dentists in the UK are 37 times less likely to prescribe opioids than US dentists

A new study has revealed that dentists in the UK are 37 times less likely to prescribe opioids than their counterparts in the USA. A joint research project conducted by teams at the University of Sheffield and the University of Illinois found that dentists in America are much more likely…