31 Mar
London dentists have all the expert solutions to tooth and gum disease

Having a healthy mouth has a great many benefits. The ability to talk, eat, drink and smile in comfort are things that you might easily take for granted if you have a mouth which is free from problems. But the reality is that if you stop taking care of your…

30 Mar
Get all the information about over the counter teeth whitening treatments from London dentists

Having a smile that you can be proud of is something that most people would like to have. It makes social situations so much easier when you are able to show off your teeth with pride. But the fact is that, as you get older, your teeth are likely to…

28 Mar
Get the facts about teeth grinding in your sleep from City of London dentists

You might not even notice you are doing it but the process of grinding your teeth in your sleep canm have a number of bothersome consequences. It is just as common as snoring in the United Kingdom but because it is often inaudible, bruxism (as it is clinically known) often…

27 Mar
Sleep apnea and heart failure: get the facts from London dentists

Sleep apnea is a potentially disruptive condition that affects the sufferer’s ability to sleep. It can have a significant impact on the patient’s life and ought to be taken seriously. Thankfully your dentist can help diagnosing sleep apnea so you can begin to deal with the condition. If you are…

26 Mar
London dentists offer Six Months Smile to give patients stunning new look

Wearing a traditional metal brace is an effective way of dealing with alignment and straightening issues you might have with your teeth. But all of the metal brackets and wires, not to mention the long treatment time (often around two years) can fill people with dread. Thankfully a new product…

25 Mar
City of London dentists advise patients how to prevent gum disease

Your teeth are not the only important part of your mouth, far from it. Your gums are just as vital in maintaining excellent oral hygiene and ensuring that you can talk, eat, drink and even smile in comfort. Allowing your gums to become diseased actually puts you at greater risk…