30 Jun
Ministers confirm TV junk food advertising ban from the end of 2022

Ministers have confirmed that TV junk food advertising will be banned during the daytime from the end of 2022. Under new rules, TV adverts for foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt will be banned between the hours of 5.30am and 9pm. The move is part of a…

23 Jun
Dentists laud Cristiano Ronaldo for swapping Coca Cola for water in TV press conference

Dentists have lauded football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, after the Portuguese captain made a point of swapping bottles of Coca Cola for water in a TV press conference.  Ronaldo was speaking to the media ahead of a Euro 2021 clash in Budapest when he was filmed removing the bottles of Coke…

16 Jun
Over 20% of adults believe brushing is more important than daily exercise

A new survey has suggested that over 20% of UK adults believe that brushing their teeth is more important than daily exercise.  The poll revealed that 21% of adults view teeth cleaning as more important than exercising daily, with 68% suggesting that they would not go a day without brushing….

09 Jun
New study reveals over 70% of dentists who contracted Covid-19 had antibodies 6 months later

New research suggests that over 70% of dental professionals who contracted Covid-19 had antibodies six months later.  A study conducted by a team based at the University of Birmingham showed that around 16% of dentists contracted Covid-19 during the first wave of the outbreak in 2020. Of those who had…

02 Jun
Dental staff report increase in abuse as patients struggle to get appointments

Dental staff have reported an increase in abuse, as patients struggle to get appointments. A dental worker based at a practice in Ipswich described the situation as “soul destroying” and pleaded with patients to try to be understanding and compassionate. Nicky Hazelwood, a member of staff at a busy practice…