30 Jun
Bad Breath? You Might Suffer From Halitosis. Speak To Your London Dentist About Treatment

Many people suffer from bad breath, or halitosis, at some point in their lives. Luckily there are several ways to treat the problem; your local London dentist can tell you the best treatment for your specific needs. The most important step is to maintain a good dental hygiene routine, with…

29 Jun
Chipped Tooth? Your City of London Dentist Can Make it Look Good as New

Whether it is from a sports injury or biting hard food, a chipped tooth can be a painful experience. Using modern materials your local City of London dentist will be able to reconstruct your tooth to its original natural appearance. Several options are available to deal with different levels of…

28 Jun
Learn About The Dangers of Gum Disease From Your Central London dentist

Gum disease is a common dental problem with serious effects. Left untreated it can result in terrible tooth ache and eventual lose of teeth. Caused by the build up of plaque, a ‘biofilm’ of bacteria, on your teeth and around your gums it is essential to brush with a fluoride…

27 Jun
Interdental Teeth Cleaning is Essential For Healthy Teeth. Ask Your London Dentist For Help

People often forget about the spaces between their teeth. But in these tiny gaps there can be a build up of plaque and bacteria which left unattended can cause great damage. Using floss or interdental cleaning brushes will allow you to make sure the space between your teeth is as…

26 Jun
Amalgam Fillings – City of London Dentist Talks About How Amalgam Fillings Can Save Your Teeth

Without proper care, over time your teeth can develop cavities, holes in the teeth. To stop the cavity from destroying the whole tooth, your dentist will often recommend a filling. Amalgam fillings are a composite of different metals (such as silver and copper) that when placed into a tooth will…

25 Jun
Central London Dentist Talks About The Link Between Cannabis and Tooth Decay

While it has long been acknowledged that tobacco is highly detrimental to good oral hygiene, further research continues to be undertaken exploring the effects of cannabis on healthy teeth and gums. There is an increasing body of evidence that links the use of cannabis with the early onset of tooth…