29 May
New study reveals dentists in the UK are 37 times less likely to prescribe opioids than US dentists

A new study has revealed that dentists in the UK are 37 times less likely to prescribe opioids than their counterparts in the USA. A joint research project conducted by teams at the University of Sheffield and the University of Illinois found that dentists in America are much more likely…

15 May
UK dentists urge patients to chuck away charcoal toothpastes

You only have to scroll through social media or read the health sections of magazines to stumble across articles or promotional adverts that feature charcoal toothpaste. In the last few years, charcoal-based dental products have become incredibly popular, especially among young people who are looking to whiten their smiles. Although…

08 May
Dental mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making

Most of us grow up with an oral hygiene routine in place, but sometimes, habits of a lifetime don’t always reflect what’s actually good for us. Unwittingly, many of us make dental mistakes without being aware of the potential consequences. One of the most common errors people commit when they…

01 May
Over half of Americans have delayed medical or dental treatment due to cost

New research suggests that over half of American adults have put off having medical or dental treatment due to cost. A survey conducted by OnePoll found that more than 50% of participants have delayed treatment because they feared they would be unable to pay the bill. Although missing out on…